April 3, 2011

Time to myself always feels very indulgent...I feel a little guilty but I quickly get over that as its so easy to think we don't deserve it or could be doing something else with our time. I generally give a lot of myself to others - my boys and hubby are my number one priority, my home, our extended family and friends too, so I think its important for some time just for ME!

So my Friday was very indulgent in that I booked myself in for a Thai massage, it was pretty stressful getting there as I was amongst peak hour traffic which is getting kind of cr-aaazy in Sydney lately! (note to self, avoid peak hour anything!) ...the massage was not the relaxing kind but i felt so invigorated afterwards.

The lovely staff offered me some herbal tea when it was over but I politely declined and ran down the street looking for a strong coffee!..ha-ha

Once I got home I made myself a simple lunch, ignored the housework and sat down to enjoy Holly Becker's new book 'Decorate' which arrived during the week.

Its so lovely and heavy and thick just like a decorating book should be!! I can see it easily becoming one of my favourites - so full of information, ideas and beautiful images - it features so many different decor styles space by space! I bought mine from Book depository online which offers free postage worldwide on all its books. I also loved the European cover of 'Decorate'... Holly is always an inspiration - her blog and her new book is fantastic!!


  1. I'm glad you are taking time out for yourself lovely. I think we always need that.

    And reading that book would be have been so relaxing. I will have to go to Book Depository and check it out. x

  2. It's so nice to take time out for self, right?

    I haven't got the Decorate book yet, but I'd like to.


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