May 21, 2011

Children at weddings....
recently we were invited to a wedding.
With excitement (i heart weddings!) I sent off the acceptance card with kisses and lots of well wishes ...not long after we got a phone call letting us know that no children are allowed to attend and that I will have to get a babysitter.
i felt a little bummed but had to remind myself its not just my kids not invited but all kids - whats up with that anyway?

How do you feel about children at weddings?
I know some weddings are very formal, some couples are on tight budgets, some just want a small wedding ...maybe some might feel children will ruin their 'special' day?

each to their own but i know for sure - children know how to have a good time! soon as they see an empty dance floor, as soon as they hear music they are there...dancing, smiling, laughing...just being themselves - we can learn a lot from that!

*image by Jac Photography via StyleMePretty


  1. my fiance and I have been discussing this. We have decided we want to invite the kids, and leave it up to the parents if they want to bring them. We think it will give the day a more family feel and greater dynamic, and perhaps more fun!

  2. I love kids at weddings personally...I think it adds a nice family atmosphere to the day, but I guess I understand if people are either on a tight budget or are having a very formal affair. Then maybe it doesn't make sense for them.

    I love seeing the little ones all dressed up...always makes me smile!

  3. Hi Anastasia, My Daughter was Married in February and after much discussion we decided our littlies, (4, 3 & 1 yr old) in the family should be a part of our Happy celebrations. They were so good and added charm, fun and sweet memories to a Perfect day. And a Bonus!!..... Sensational, Professional photos of them to cherish!!

  4. AC, I am totally with you on this one.

    I think weddings are meant to be about family...all family, not just the family over the legal drinking age.
    Plus, my children are acutely aware that they were deliberately not invited to a family wedding and they are so sad that they missed out on such an important day in the lives of adults that they love and respect.
    In the words of my 10 year old "I find that offensive"

  5. We were encouraged NOT to invite children as our reception was at The Old Melbourne Gaol and it was a safety issue but in hindsight I would have given our guests the option and warned them. If anyone who is planning a wedding reads this I have some advice. Whilst I had a beautiful and memorable day I have a couple of small regrets due to being swayed into doing things different to how I would have liked to. I DID get some good advice but on some things I really should have followed my heart. I felt that other people knew better and I wanted it to be right . I wanted children there and should have............ (and I hated my hair: she was a nice but pushy hairdresser! )..........................

  6. The only problem I'd see with kids attending is having a crying baby during the distracting. Other than that, I don't see what problem could arise with having kids present.

  7. I only had my 6 month old niece at my wedding. No other kids... and no flower girls or page boys... We don't have kids, none of our friends have kids and the kids that we would of been inviting would have been kids we don't spend much time with. So we used the space for more friends and family.
    I can appreciate that for some couples kids play a large part in their lives but they didn't in mine at that point so I think it is a person decision based on the bride and groom's circumstances and choices.
    We had also just been to a wedding where a toddler, who's mother was the bridesmaid, screamed through the whole ceremony and the bridesmaid kept walking in front of the actual ceremony to comfort the child and then returning to her spot (did this at least 6 times?) and totally interrupting the ceremony... so rude and inappropriate... move the child away from the ceremony!
    Although they may show us how to have a great time, some children aren't ready to for the required behaviour for such an event - one of our guests has a child with a behavioural disorder who would not be able to cope with a wedding... should we have said no to that child and yes to others? The parents would have been absolutely DEVASTATED! So our decision to have no children because of space also fixed this issue without making it personal for anyone...

    my niece threw up on my wedding dress too. luckily down the side.. may be this makes me biased?

  8. our wedding was in Las Vegas, so it was really just for the grown ups. but had it been a traditional Ukrainian wedding, there would have been lots of everything, including kids.
    it's really too bad that the kiddies aren't allowed ... i've been to a few weddings where the kids are the one who get everyone dancing! and i remember as a little girl going to weddings with my parents and dancing with my dad & feeling so special.

  9. having kids at weddings add a breath of fresh air to the occassion. i personally would want to invite my friends' children at my wedding.

  10. It was a joy to have our own children at our own wedding two years ago. We also invited other children. Kids are often the life of the party, and most people love to have them around. We can learn just as much from them, as they can from us.
    I am all for having them there.
    Melinda xx

  11. Oh yes children please!!! :-)

  12. No children? Really? How stuffy.

  13. It was so funny to see this picture- I performed the ceremony at this wedding which was kid friendly and oh so lovely!

  14. They are really going to kick themselves once they have little ones and figure it all out ;)


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