August 18, 2011

Back Home!

Oh its so good to be back home, there is no feeling like it...home sweet home right? I always get emotional when I land in Sydney.
don't get me wrong, we had a brilliant time overseas but being in the comfort of your home, your own bed, your belongings and normal surroundings - SO good!

I was feeling extremely inspired, refreshed and invigorated whilst overseas but I'm trying to reconnect to those 'feel good' feelings because right now im exhausted and lifeless from the long flights (how many movies can one watch - well Ok, I did get to see the whole of Season 4 of Mad Men - thumbs up!), the time change, the drop in Temperature ( back to Winter), the pace of travelling as a family trying to take as much in as we can.
I'm getting there, slowly...we all woke up so late this morning and it was a frantic rush to get ready for work and the boys for school.
.....slowly sipping some tea as I type trying to keep my eyes from closing.

Hope you all had a wonderful month, I was hardly online during our travels and surprisingly I survived!
ha-ha...we all rely on the internet to connect and keep up to date but it was really great to have a break from it all!
Big thanks and hugs to my lovely Guest bloggers with their inspiring posts, you gals are the best!!

*image -
'Home Sweet Home from theWheatfield on Etsy


  1. Welcome home!
    I hope you had a wonderful time.

  2. Hello! Just found and followed you via Bloggers of Etsy :)


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