August 31, 2011

Lady Grooming

I'm a low maintenance girl and can go weeks without some lady grooming

I was getting a little desperate so whilst I was out yesterday I ended up walking into a beauty salon that I don't normally visit
for some waxing.
I always get a little weary when you can just walk in without an appointment and they can fit you right in but as I said I was desperate, it was my day off so I went for it....

The first thing the beautician said after she waxed and plucked my eyebrows,
'go have a look in the mirror and let me know if they look okay?'
and the first thing I thought,
well its a bit late now isnt it??!?

how can you fix botched up eyebrows....
but lucky for me
they look fine, actually they look really good!!
I'm pleased and for less than $10 an instant pick me up...groomed eyebrows make such a difference don't you think?

HaPPy Wednesday to you all!

*image by Leombruno Bodi 1960 for CondeNast


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I don't let anyone touch my eyebrows! but I'm glad yours turned out good. I usually do everything myself but I have trouble waxing my underarms... so I bought a braun silk epil (or whatever its called) and its brilliant except I can't use it under my arms too well, since you need to hold the skin really taut and operate it at the same time or you get minced underarms.

  2. Haha - it always makes me think that when they ask that too!

    I have two waxers that I trust - unfortunately one is in Melbourne and one is in Hong Kong and I live in Seoul (I've had two waxing experiences in Seoul and both were horrible!).

    I've had someone stuff my brows up once, I swear she took a chunk off that was not meant to come off. She still held up the mirror and asked if they were okay like nothing was wrong! What can you possibly say?! Umm, I think you took off a big chunk of hair you shouldn't have, can you stick it back?!

  3. did the same thing last week, instant pick me up!

  4. Oh man, I don't think I'd ever let anybody touch my eyebrows, professional or not. They're one of my favorite features, and I would be SO upset if somebody over-plucked. You're a brave woman! :-)

  5. Funny but so true :) My friend does not have the eyebrows because she accidentally over-plucked it once and they are not growing any more. She used to it already and just using some pencil but isn't it scary?

  6. That is soooooo like me!!!! i hate wasting hours in being waxed and pinned and what not.. i procrastinate till i cannot bear to look myself in the mirror.. and then yes walk in would be much better than an appointment..


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