September 18, 2011

Shades of a new season....

I'm embracing the changes but sadly not the hay fever....
I'm suffering so badly but I'm
stocked up on my antihistamine tablets so that'll get me through the next few weeks.

I spotted this wonderful green growth
in-between our garden pavers the other day
....a quick reminder that when it comes to Man vs Nature,
...Nature always wins!
i love how they have forced their prettiness through the heavy concrete slabs....

and to finish off this Happy Tuesday post, some new 'SPRING in your step' items added to my shop!!


  1. Spring for you (lucky). For my part of the US it has gone from summer to winter...where is fall? Been wet and cold, still some time hopefully for a last spurt of summer.

  2. Hayfever? You poor thing.
    Are you coming to the ABCD meet next week?

  3. Love these cute papers and twine!! Hope you are feeling much better!

  4. i also LOVE seeing grass growing through concrete - beautiful synergy. What cute yellow polka dot tags!!!


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