November 29, 2011

Christmas Gift Wrap
Brown paper packages tied up with string
....these are a few of my favourite things!
Yes indeed... I love this look...

Do you put as much thought into your Christmas Gift wrapping as you do in the buying gifts?

Nothing is more special than receiving a beautifully wrapped much love right there!

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  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    lovely! Though I might have a little problem with food... since the owl looked like gingerbread and i want to eat it! Maybe I have a problem?

  2. I love wrapping a special gift just as much as selecting the gift.
    Wonderful post.

  3. Oh Anastasia! I love brown paper with different type of string and other pretty items to decorate a package. This is my second year using brown paper to wrap my gifts. This is such beautiful inspiration.

  4. I love the look as well - so classic (like simply elegant) and best part ECONOMICAL yaaaay!


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