April 1, 2012

Neo's world + a can of Blue paint

My little guy Neo has moved into his own bedroom, the boys loved sharing a bedroom but we just felt it was time now....

We never had sleep issues or bickering issues and they are too young to be at the stage where arguments would mean a line drawn up in the middle of the room ha-ha...it was actually sweet to hear them chatting and giggling before bed, playing and interacting ...I will miss that, i think they will too!....

So our third bedroom was once the family study or should i say my dumping ground for anything crafty so it was a big job moving everything out!

We decided to reuse an old chest of draws that was sitting in the garage so Andrew spruced it up with some blue paint - we let Neo choose the blue colour (from a culled selection by me of course....) and I really like how it turned out. It adds a punch of colour to the room dont you think?

Neo got to keep my old bookcase as we had no where else to put it but it will now be filled with his books and games and I hope this encourages him to read more!

I also bought some new sheer white cotton curtains which will brighten up the small room - my mum is hemming those today and I recently ordered a lovely customised World Map print - Neo's world of Discoveries - from 'My Sweet prints' on Etsy - its FAB!!

next on the list to buy is a Yellow Componibili, a small desk and lamp maybe some more art work or I might get him to create some himself and that's Neo's World done!!


  1. Daphne1:46 PM

    Lovely colour and great to see upcycling! Kids always love to be involved, and I'm sure he loves his new room...

  2. looks fabulous - I'm sure Neo will be very happy in his new room!

  3. The chest of drawers looks great with its lovely blue. What a nice shade! Very cheerful.

  4. I love this color! We're refinishing our daughter's dresser (looks very similar to this) in white paint and painting the knobs each a different pastel color. I hope ours turns out as lovely as this!

    -Tiffany from Mom's Daily Zen

  5. It looks fantastic! I bet he'll be very happy with his new big boy room.

  6. I just read a book about creativity (Imagine, by Jonah Lehrer) that says if you want to be really focussed, be surrounded by red; if you want to daydream, have blue around you. Dreamy!

  7. The blue dresser looks fantastic. Great work!

  8. Love that blue chest of drawers! I have two boys too and although they don't share a room yet, I'm sure they will someday. I look forward to the giggling...

  9. What a great blue color choice! Dresser looks AMAZING!!

  10. He's a big boy now! I love the color of the chest. Everything looks great!

  11. Love the chest of drawer in blue. It really makes the room pop.


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