August 20, 2012

Vintage Beauty Style - The London Look

I loved this beauty story in the Spring issue of Lula magazine...
Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge recreated the makeup that was so popular,  1960s dolly look on British gal Edie Campbell.

The look can appear pretty dramatic but still looks fresh 50 years on....
do you like it?
I love the big eyes, coat after coat of mascara and  heavy eyeliner...the silky straight hair with a flirty curtain fringe - Get your Groove on baby!

The layout was a take on the  'how to...' beauty column that young English model Pattie Boyd (bottom) posed for in
'16' magazine back in the 1960's...

*images via Lula Magazine*

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  1. I like this look too Anastasia, especially the second photo..she looks so beautiful and her skin is so perfect. Btw would love to see a traditional cypriot cake on your blog sometime. Catherine x


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