January 12, 2013

A girl called Shiva Rose
Im so happy to feature Shiva Rose on the blog today.
Shiva Rose has been one of my style icons for such a long time and not only does she have an awesome sense of style she is a busy mother, actress, writer and blogger.

I was thrilled to discover Shiva Rose's lifestyle blog ' The Local Rose'  a few months ago -  so many informative posts about holistic, healthy living,  as well as features on natural beauty products, handcrafted goods, and delicious organic recipes - can't wait to try her 'Daal with Tumeric' recipe.  I love the little gatherings Shiva Rose hosts in her home, the Perfume making party and her recent Holiday Craft party  - lots of creative fun!

Welcome Shiva Rose!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
Currently I am inspired by nature, organic fresh produce, vintage dresses from the 1930's,
great music from folk singers like Jose Gonzalez and First Aid Kit. 

What 3 things couldnt you live without right now?
I couldn't live without my daughters,
my roobois tea with vanilla almond milk, all the natural 
oils that i slather on my skin (on my site you can see the ones I have tried and like). As far as 
electric devices I suppose my Apple mac book and music system in my house.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
My personal style fluctuates with my mood. I love mixing vintage pieces with new shoes and bags.
Sometimes I feel like dressing like a poet from Big Sur and other times like a Parisian night club singer
from the 1920's and 1930's.
I suppose my style is Bohemian with a touch of lady!

Do you have a favourite colour or colour combinations?
I like creams, black with touches of vibrant colors. I like prints as well especially if it's an old rayon
dress from 1940's. 

What about a favourite smell?  Do you have one?
I really love musk and vanilla together with a splash of rose.
Kiehls makes a great musk and I like an oil fragrance called 'Faith'. I also love the smell of bread baking and fresh roses from our garden. 

What do you love about your city/town?
I love that we have the mountains, ocean and desert so close to us. I also love that we have so many 
holistic and organic options here and of course the farmer's markets. I also feel we have a wonderful community of artists here and that can be helpful of you're trying to start a business venture. 

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
 I always loved the quote by John Lennon: 'Don't regret things you've done. Regret things you haven't done.'
I also like
 'live in love, not fear.'

Thanks so much Shiva Rose for the inspiration!!

To see more of Shiva Rose
head on over to her beautiful blogThe Local Rose
and Facebook page.
Shiva Rose is also on
Pinterest and
Instagram so be sure to follow on!


  1. Great interview Anastasia, Shiva certainly has a wonderful style, quite glamorous and a lifestyle that I kind of wish I could take on...sometimes... Mel x

  2. Love these photos Anastasia, the colours are just beautiful. Love the interview you did with her. Going to check out her blog and instagram now. Thank you.

  3. What a lovely interview! So positive & upbeat! I'm enamoured by Shiva's style sensibilities and earthiness. Looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog...andShiva's too!


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