January 28, 2013

Decor Inspiration ....on a Rainy day
Its been one of those days today, gray, wet and miserable - the day is dragging on with no escape.  We tried to venture out earlier but the rain got even heavier and we hesitated.
I love a chance to be at home with no plans, but this weather is making me feel extremely lethargic.

The TV has been stuck on the 'Lifestyle Home' channel most of the day - usually its very inspiring but today its just making me itch to make changes to my own interior.
Sitting at home on a rainy day gives you a chance to observe your home in a little more detail, close up and in different light (gray & dull)...the 'before' and 'after' room revealings from the entertaining Home Decorating shows always gives some hope that change is possible...

One of the shows I love is
Emily Henderson's
'Secrets of a Stylist' - her style is fabulous mixing vintage and classic, bright, airy, cozy without feeling cluttered.

I spotted her home office/workspace
on pinterest today - its gorgeous!
I adore the traditional blue rug,  teamed, crisp white furniture, gold accents, scattered green plants makes the whole look
very fresh!

*images found on Pinterest via StylebyEmilyHenderson blog - more pics on her blog!!!


  1. it was cool, windy & grey here today - would have loved more than the three spots of rain we got.

    that is a gorgeous workspace - I love her windows!

  2. I love Emily Henderson! I remember when she won the competition here in the US to get her own design show. She seems like she would be fun to hang out with, too!


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