February 13, 2013

Love (on a budget)
Love should be free and I know many hate the consumerism side of Valentine's Day but here are some beautiful downloadable and printable Love Notes to give your loved one.
A Card and a big hug is perfect for VDay!!
...even better a Love Note, steaming coffee and warm doughnuts!

Love & thanks by 'Eat Drink Chic'  (downloadable for personal use only)

'Amour' card by MisterM Studio via 'The Barefoot Bride'  - so pretty non?

Some other downloadable Love goodies around the blogs
* Giant Valentine Posters by 'Oh Happy Day'

* Free Printable Valentines by
 Jones Design Company - i love the Ombre shaded one!

* Valentine's Day Poster by
Gerbera Designs
via Heart Handmade UK


  1. I love the giant posters! They're so fun.

  2. These are lovely, I really like the second design!

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    So true, there are so many great ways to show someone you care. It could even be as simple as a cup of tea, a chocolate and a hug :)

  4. These are lovely..totally agree, something small but meaningful is the way to go on V Day.


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