April 13, 2013

at a standstill

at a standstill....
Ive been thinking a lot lately - always inwardly (as true introverts do).
Ive come to my blog many times the past week, wanting to post...post about lovely things.
But I hold back. It doesnt feel right.
Im at a standstill and my blog has always been a positive space for me - a place where I can share beautiful things, things that inspire and conjure happy emotions
but the past two weeks back from a wonderful wonderful holiday have been really tough.  I don't write about my day job often but its been the main thing on my mind lately
and causing me real grief.
Sometimes I think I shouldn't whine or complain and I know as a mum I'm very lucky to be only working part time but I've just been so unhappy there lately...its affecting my everyday!  ...it certainly has  me assessing and doing some soul searching about what I truly want from  life...

During our recent trip i was itching to blog, there was so much to see, to share all around - I had my (new) camera hanging around my neck every single day for 3 weeks!!... true!
....please dont think I only see the world in rose tinted glasses - I don't, but I guess I am a true dreamer...always trying to be positive and optimistic that life is and can always be great.
I also bought some beautiful supplies for my Etsy shop and hope to take some photos this weekend ...the sun is out today and I'm feeling in a better mood already!

* images during our San Francisco week (via my Instagram)


  1. This is still a lovely post. :)

  2. wonderful flowers :* you should post more, your blog is a very positive and lively place :)

  3. I've always thought you have a beautiful blog. You'll find your mojo again :)

  4. A bit of a post holiday come down maybe? I am very familiar with that...

    I fell very much out of love with my blog late last year, but then I suddenly came back to it and love it more than ever now! So strange. Sometimes a breather is the best thing, I'm sure your blogging muse will return :)

  5. I think it's normal to have an ebb and flow about your blog. Sometimes I'm just not that into mine, either, but the interest always comes back. Good luck with your day job situation, too! I've been there and it's horrible to know it impacts the rest of your day.

  6. I hear you re: day jobs. Is it time to look around at what else is out there? Life's too short to be unhappy in a place where you spend the majority of your week.

    ... I wish I could take my own advice! :-/

  7. Cross roads are healthy Anastasia. You need to move on to something that makes your heart sing! It's good that you're putting the question out there, now look for the signs, they will come! Best of luck with it! Mel xoxoxo


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