April 5, 2013

Instant snaps

Instant snaps (from our recent trip)
We’re back!!...well we’ve been back 5 days already....(already??)
 I think it should be a mandatory rule that if you come back from an overseas trip you should be allowed to slowly and leisurely get back to a normal routine.
Wishful thinking -  nope, instead we went straight back to work commitments the very next day (not happy) , the boys went back to school (happily), I spent most of my week nights unpacking bags, laundry, ironing and packing away…. I still have some stuff in neat little piles on my bedroom floor ...

but WOW what an amazing trip and what a fabulous time we had...I was not ready to come home,
 I really wasn't.  
There was so much more to explore and see and taste and observe. 
I wasn't planning to be online much but Im new-ish to Instagram  and had a real treat snapping away on my phone and uploading, it was a fun way connecting to friends during our travels.
The real treat for Andrew and me, was to spend great quality time with our boys, we loved it, they loved it and it was fantastic to discover new cities, towns and tourist spots together as a family.
Someone at work asked me what was the best thing about my trip and I had to have a think about it but for me, it was just walking in new neighbourhoods and seeing how people live, how they go about their day to day.
...I love observing and imagining...
plus we got time to explore some beautiful shops, discovered we all love Chipolte and Mexican food and a real highlight was meeting my online friend Veronica and her family, for the first time - she is so lovely!! ....We spent an hour at the 'Neon Museum'  doing a fun tour - a colourful explosion of Retro Vegas 


  1. Welcome back. Can you add your instgram name ?AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Looks like you have had heaps of fun . Great pics x

  3. thanks Ariadne & Daniele - its always nice to be home again!
    here is my instagram feed

  4. Fantastic shots! Looks like you guys had a great time :)

  5. awesome photos, looks like you had an amazing trip!


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