May 14, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader....

Have you heard that Google Reader will no longer be available after 1st July, 2013?
Do you keep up with your favourite blogs via Google Reader?
I was a huge fan - it made life a little more organised so I'm sad about Google's decision - but I quickly scrambled to find a new way to ensure I stay connected to my favourite blogs.
I asked around and most peeps are now using Bloglovin or Feedly.
I imported all my blog subscriptions to both and am trying to figure out which I like best....

My blog had over 1300 subscribers over at Google Reader...Im not one to check stats obsessively but if you'd like to follow my blog posts on Bloglovin click here  or on Feedly,  here 
or via email - there is a link on my side bar to the right!

* image - Vintage paper ephemera bundle in my Etsy shop 


  1. I agree its going to be a pain for our stats. I have moved all my subscriptions over to Bloglovin as well but I dont use it much now, Ill use my Google reader until they shut it down!

  2. Anonymous2:23 AM

    I too heard about the closure of Google Reader. And been reading and searching for alternatives, this guy seems to have done a good list at the moment so far. His blog post here -


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