June 19, 2013

Blog Society

Two weeks ago I attended the
'Blog Society' Workshop launch: The Art of Digital Story-telling,
which was part of Sydney's Vivid Festival and the Vivid Ideas program.

Jaclyn the super lovely blogger behind 'Little Paper Trees'  created 'Blog Society' a  connection, collaboration and inspiration to ensure  Blogging and Creativity meet!  More Workshops and events planned so make sure you subscribe to their newsletter or like their Facebook page to get the heads up of whats to come!

The launch was a great afternoon outing for me - I always enjoy a catch up with blog friends and a chance to meet new bloggers.
I organised to have lunch with Sally and Suzanne beforehand and it was great to chat about blogging, Etsy, creating, mothering and Life in general...

The workshop included a Q&A with Jen from The Interiors Addict and also Viv of Ish&chi whose blog I have admired and am a fan of! It was great to meet them both and hear their story and journey so far!

We also got to write our own Blog Manifesto - you can see Sally writing hers here!  I wrote  'Find inspiration in the everyday' 
 We also got to chat, ask questions and listen to tips from experts like photographers
Emma Scamell
Milton Gan and Sam McAdam as well as stylists
Madeline Johnson and Jessica Bellef from Temple & Webster as well as blogger Natalie Hallyar and there were plenty of props on hand for those of us who felt like styling things up a little....

It was a great event in beautiful surroundings, with a wonderful atmosphere, and a chance to do some networking!
overall I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to more events and connections.  We were also sent home with a generous goodies bag - so many cool things!
* all pics by me
except the last one (of me styling pretty props) taken by Sally *


  1. What a great event and so impressed with everything Jaclyn is doing for the blogging community in Sydney. Can't wait to be living back there to experience all the goings... Mel x

  2. Looks like it was so fun! Sorry I missed it :(

  3. Mel - yes its so great to see more events in Sydney...we look at the ones overseas and wish there was more on!

    STeph - we missed you but Im looking forward to the Winter ABCD catch up too! your events are always great fun!

  4. Was great to catch up with you!

  5. Great post Anastasia.

    It was great to catch up with everyone, I hope there are more similar events to come!

    Sally xx


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