July 8, 2013

a Girl called Veronica ...

Lets head on over to Las Vegas today to meet Veronica!

I've been blog friends with Veronica for a few years now and I was so happy to finally meet her during my stay in Las Vegas this past March.
She's so lovely - I wish I had more time to hang out and chat. 
Veronica is the founder of
Nostalgia Resources, a vintage rental and styling company that can help create unique and beautiful settings for any function or event! 

Welcome Veronica!  Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
I am always inspired by old/vintage things, their stories, texture, shape and colours.  Flowers are also so inspiring to me, they make everything more beautiful.
It is summer here, so when it comes to clothes i am inspired by bright colours.  
Magazines, books and pinterest inspire me too! oh, and i am also inspired by other women with a strong sense of style.

What 3 things you couldn't live without right now?   

My car (couldn't transport furniture for my business without it), my handbag (i throw everything in there), my styling kit for photo shoots (scissors, tape, twine, etc.)

 Can you define to us your personal style?
Bohemian with a touch of preppy.

What is your favourite colour (or colour combinations)? 
oh so hard! 
i always love aqua, and if it comes with a little patina, even better!

Do you have a favourite smell?
Gardenias and any other sweet flower smell.

What do you love about your City? 
I love that I live very close to the desert, it took me a while but now i can see how beautiful it is (and it photographs so well!)

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
"creativity is intelligence having fun" -  Albert Einstein

To see more of what Veronica does at Nostalgia Resources head on over to her website ,
her blog  , facebook page and instagram

all images via 
Nostalgia Resources


  1. aww, thank you, a!!!! love it!!!!

  2. Sue Miller Cinelli8:07 AM

    Veronica is an inspiration to me, as she is to many others. We are so proud of her. Keep up the good work. Love, Sue (mother-in-law)

  3. "creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein .

    I definitely need to remember that one! Your interview with Veronica is an interesting read and I enjoyed browsing your great photo's.

    (I found you on Etsy teams)

  4. Great interview Anastasia. Hmm now that's a cool business, vintage rentals -that way you don't need to part with all of your beautiful treasures... Mel x

  5. Stopping by from FB. Lovely interview! I love vintage stuff as well. Clothes especially :) I loved Veronica;s quote, too!


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