August 16, 2013

Styling a mantel

Ive been pouring over images of fireplaces and mantels getting inspired and trying to decide what kind of look I want to go for when styling my own mantel.
I bought this beautiful print from Cozamia - I wanted to add some girly colour into the room.  I decided to flip the print horizontally because my wooden mantel is quite long in length.
I had a bit of brain fog the other day during a quick visit to Ikea – I needed to buy a frame for the new print but felt a little stumped with the measurements...when I got back home, I was way off - the frame I bought was huge!  I tried to blame the measuring tape and not my brain but I tried it out  and think it will work as long as I can get a mat board to fit...I'll get there eventually!

So back to the mantel...I think I want the art print to be the focus and I do love the minimal look of the mantels in the images below - I might add a couple of other layers - a small potted plant or decorative pieces, maybe another photo but and once its ready I promise to take some pics to share with you all!

*images Top & bottom via   Middle collage via Southern Living and Emily Henderson


  1. These are really very lovely and cosy places. I'm sure your mantel will become as beautiful as the shown ones. I'm curious.

  2. The same thing has happened to me at Ikea Anastasia! The mantles pictured are gorgeous, look forward to seeing how you style yours.

  3. love the first pic!
    great blog! i'm your newest follower!


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