August 4, 2013

Sunday night Inspiration: a Greenhouse Garden

 I think Im yearning for
Winter in Australia is always mild and hasn’t been too bad so far, I’ve hardly take my  wool coat out of the wardrobe actually – its been quite pleasant.

Still, when I see such wonderful images like these I cant wait for Spring and the anticipation of a new season, warmer weather, being outdoors, eating outdoors, blooming flowers …lovely!

I had such a great weekend!
I caught up with my blogging friend Mel and it was so great to finally meet in person!  
We visited Megan Morton’s ,
Horse Birthday Fete – was so fun and I took so many photos…I’ll be blogging about it this week!

Saturday night I had a work function so a great chance to doll up and have a glamorous night out - was a wonderful event but made me realise I really can't handle late nights anymore...I had a good sleep in this morning so I shouldn't really complain!
Hope you ALL have a great start to your week!

top via FloretFlowers blog
bottom via
Livet Hemma
more Garden inspiration here 


  1. Hi Anastasia, so wonderful you and Mel go to meet and the Horse Birthday Fete looked amazing. It's been quite cold here in Melbourne, especially at night. Like you can't wait for Spring. Look forward to your "The School" post from the weekend.

  2. Oh Catherine we both were saying how great it would have been if you were there too - maybe one day...

  3. Oh I'd love a garden or even an outdoor space! Nothing like seeing all the green and colors that mother nature creates :)

  4. That's the perfect greenhouse.


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