September 8, 2013

Sunday night inspiration: herbs

Do you cook with fresh herbs?
I must admit to using dried herbs and spices more often - such an easy way to add flavour when I'm cooking for the family but I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can add fresh garden herbs to my summer salads.
Full of flavour, vitamins and a great way to add taste without extra calories!
Most Greek households have fresh mint drying in the sun - we sprinkle it over our Tzatziki 
but fresh mint is also used a lot especially boiled and seeped as tea for an upset tummy (good way to lower cholestrol too,  so I've heard...)
Not only are herbs used for cooking, medicine, perfume and healing they also look gorgeous in the garden and in the kitchen - I do love the look of herbs in planters - this old can with simple thyme plant has that french rustic look that I love - a few of these on your kitchen windowsill would look great.

some recipes
* Mix and Match Pesto
* Salsa Verde
* Coriander Potato Salad
some fun Herb items
Fresh Herb Greeting card 
* Herbs print 
* Herb Tea Towel

 Top: A French Lady in NC bottom via Pinterest


  1. fresh herbs are wonderful :)

  2. Fresh herbs are great aren't they, they add so much to a dish. Love the colour of this vintage can with the thyme and the marker. It look lovely.


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