September 20, 2013

Venice Beach Canals - California

Vogue magazine recently did a feature on jewelry designer, Irene Neuwirth's  beautiful home (top pic) situated on the Venice Canals – it took me back to our own Californian adventure...we spent a day hanging around the Venice area.
Everyone flocks to the
famous Venice beach but we started our morning with breakfast and good coffee at Abbot’s Habit, a café popular with the locals and then a
long stroll around

Abbott Kienny Blvd.
I really enjoyed the area's laid back boho vibe, creative types everywhere and interesting shops selling unique finds ...I knew I wanted to explore the canals having read about them.

We actually came a little unprepared without a map but stumbled on them having noticed a few 'No through roads' so a little bit of investigating, we found the path!

What a delightful little neighborhood tucked away and not far from the famous beach.
Beautiful homes and lovely gardens!

We walked around enjoying the tranquil canal area - a little hidden gem in Los Angeles and off the tourist path - we waved to a baby and his dad (or babysitter?) having breakfast on their porch, we said hello to others in their garden catching the morning sun...had a bit of a sticky-beek into the lovely homes on display...

* to see more of Irene's home in Venice - The Local Rose did a gorgeous feature on her blog
* Glitter Guide: Shop the Street - Abbott Kinney Blvd, Venice
* Moon Juice shop - Rose Ave, Venice
* another blog post about the Venice Canals via California Through my Lens


  1. I just got back from an exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, California Design and it reminded me of your visit to the Stahl House. Such a vibrant place, I'd love to visit as an adult. xx

  2. Stahl House is amazing - I love how they havnt altered it or updated it since its heyday...very cool, a timeless house!! yes! the canals were fantastic...great little spot!

  3. What a fabulous place! I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed your "wander".

  4. I don't know much about LA so really appreciate this post. The Venice Beach canals look like a must visit, just gorgeous.

  5. Aaaw! this makes me miss the parts of LA that I love the most! Abbot Kienney is such a nice place to hang out and take a stroll on the weekends!


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