October 2, 2013

Bad Pinterest! (bad bad bad...)

Oh the title of this blog post is so unfair...surely I can’t blame Pinterest for all the sugary temptations I keep pinning.
So many delicious (and  sweet) recipes to try!
I blame the beautiful food styling, and I guess pinning on an empty stomach doesn’t help!

So I spotted these Salted Caramel & Nutella Stuffed DoubleChocolate Chip Cookies’ by food blogger 'Top With Cinnamon'  on my pinterest feed   – they looked divine and so a couple of weeks ago I gave them a go...the boys were excited! Anything with chocolate makes them perk up and take interest in what I'm baking.

The recipe says Double chocolate but I think its more like quadruple chocolate – cocoa, nutella, chocolate chips AND chocolate caramels – if you have sensitive teeth or are cutting out your refined sugar intake stay clear of these!

They were good - Very good...we all agreed!  My boys squealed with glee whilst eating them!
I totally ignored the calories and with a strong coffee the biscuit was a real luxury on an average day!
Lucky for me they were so rich and intense that one was enough, my boys had two each, we saved one for Andrew and I gave the rest away!  
For the recipe click HERE


  1. Oh no! They look deadly. (This is code for: "I will make them this weekend.")

  2. haha Suzanne your comment made me laugh!!

  3. Oh my!! These could be dangerous!!

  4. These look SO GOOD!!


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