December 3, 2013

a Cherry picking weekend...

Its Cherry season again!
We spent a wonderful weekend away with family and friends heading out of Sydney and onto Cowra - we stayed in Cowra overnight and on Sunday morning we all got up early and headed further inland to Young, Australia's Cherry capital! ...we stopped at a local bakery for breakfast and then straight onto the farms as they predicted a scorching hot day!
The outskirts of the town are full of stone fruit farms - Its always a treat to pick your own fresh!  So sweet!  We even got apricots too (my fav fruit!)
The kids had a ball and we left before the heat really kicked in arriving back home with enough time to relax before the start of a new week!
Today I made a Cherry Clafoutis -  I used this recipe  but my oven has been playing up so I had to bake it for twice as long as the recipe stated was really yummy!


  1. fruit picking is so much fun! looks like u had a wonderful day!

  2. yum, I love fresh cherries :)

  3. Thanks girls - it was great fun and the cherries are so delicious!

  4. What fun AC! That dessert looks so yummy!

  5. Oh my youngest daughter and I went cherry picking with some friends last year and had such a fun day. Your clafoutis looks amazing Anastasia, would love some with cream poured all over it! Sounds like such a great weekend you all had, makes me look forward to summer and the lovely weather to do things like this.

  6. Oh yum that looks delish! I'd love to go to one of those picking farms for a day with the kids, so much fun. M xx


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