January 31, 2014

Inspiration Now: Black and White prints

Happy Friday friends!

I was looking at my Pinterest pins last night and found some some black and white themed images that I had pinned the past week...

Im feeling the inspiration of this timeless colour combination.
When used with prints, splatters, dots, splotches...it all looks very interesting.
I read somewhere that your Pinterest boards are a visual resume...i guess this would only work if you pin images that you really love.
Its great to see what you (or others) visually collect.
Pinterest is a beautiful reference and inspiration tool for me!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead - it was my 14year anniversary this week and the hubby and I are going on a cinema date tonight to see 'Wolf of Wall street' looking forward to zoning out for a couple of hours into another world - love going to the movies!
Im also going to join in on Laura's February challenge - 30 minutes exercise each and everyday for the month...its not hard and Im sure I can spare 30 minutes from my day to devote to my body?! fingers crossed!

Top image: Let it Be
Middle image: Rebecca Atwood's workspace
Bottom images: Zoey Grossman photography for  'For Love & Lemons'
and splatter ink background from my 2014 Art journal (yes! I started an Art Journal)  - by Me!



  1. I love that dress.

  2. Me too Tams!! looks effortless...Happy Birthday to you as well...have a special day Birthday girl!

  3. I pinned that first image too - such a gorgeous dress! M xx


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