April 8, 2014

the secret...

so what are you waiting for? go on....

Ive been a little busy in my little world and haven't had that much time to blog.

School holidays start soon and Easter is around the corner - its going to get a lot more hectic real fast.

I do hope to start posting more regularly.

So have you noticed the tweaks on my blog?

I've had a new blog layout done, thanks to the ever so talented Katrina whom many of you know via 'The Block' - she is also the girl behind The Media Maid and was such a great help...such a smooth process - thanks so much Katrina, I love it!

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  1. the new layout looks fresh and clean.

    Our school holidays have started already….can never work out why they don't make them all the same across the country, but I guess it's good for the hospitality industry to have them staggered.

  2. Thanks so much! its what I was afterr...clean layout! Yes, I know- it would make it easier if it was the same across the board!

  3. Love the new look Anastasia…..looks great! Love reading your blog - I always mean to leave a comment and then get distracted! Happy blogging xx


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