May 13, 2014

Inspiration now: Interior Garden

growing up we always had indoor plants in our family home. Mother took great pride in her plants always taking good care of them, making sure they had light, water and love - it helped that she had a green thumb (even more so today).
A far off distant memory was being scolded after I drenched one of the plants with orange juice thinking some 'healthy' juice full of vitamins (to be fair I was young and back then we ALL thought OJ was a  health food...) would help it along - the poor plant dried up probably shrivelling in pain...ha!

I love the look of Green leafy plants in the home, not only do they look beautiful they can help fight colds, allergies ...add one to your workspace and you'll notice your mood change - all smiles ahead!
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  1. What a pretty image x I love indoor plants but sadly didnt inherit one inch of my Mother's green thumb! I have a fiddle leaf fig which is struggling but Im determined to bring it back to life. Lovely post- and its so true- bit of green in the house just adds so much life and freshness xxx


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