June 20, 2014

a girl called Sarah....

I love Instagram, I really do!
Visual images and inspiration from SO many creative people, I'm glad I've joined in on the fun.
There is beauty in our everyday and I love how Instagram makes me see things in a new way, a new light....
Instagram is where I met the lovely Sarah - we both joined in on a few 'Interior Addicts'
7-day Vignette challenges and her images, simple, clean and beautiful, really stood out to me.
Sarah is a Professional Organiser - she loves decluttering and believes an organised home  means a peaceful life.  Sarah is based in Adelaide and also has a passion for interiors and styling especially food styling.  Her beautiful instagram photos reflect that!

Welcome Sarah!
Can you tell us what is Inspiring you right now?
Instagram is inspiring me at the moment, it's such an inspiring and positive community, I love connecting with like minded creatives! Everyone is so supportive.
Having just had Megan Morton's 'The School' come to Adelaide, the community she has created through 'The School' is just so inspiring!

What three things could you not live with right now?
My Coffee
My iPhone!
and Fete and Kinfolk Magazines they are both inspiring my food styling.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
Organised of course! I like simple, unfussy interiors with a definite nod to Scandinavian design. Marimekko is a bit of a feature in my home!

Do you have a favourite colour? I love the simplicity and calmness of neutral colours.
I'm loving blacks, greys, browns and creams but will always love a pop of yellow.

What about fragrance or a favourite smell? I'm currently loving my 'coconut/lime' Glasshouse candle at the moment. (Anastasia: snap! Im also burning this candle in my home...)

What do you love about your city? Adelaide is such a pretty city with a great cafe/food culture. We have so many new fabulous homeware stores so that makes me happy!
Do you have a favourite quote? 'Do great in the small things' - Mother Teresa.
and lastly
Do you have an Organising tip to share with us? ....Have in your home only things that you need, use and love. The rest is just clutter.
Oh and I always tell my clients ... 'a place for everything and everything in its place'

Thanks so much Sarah!
Make sure you check out Sarah's website and to follow more of what Sarah does please connect with her on Facebook * Instagram * Pinterest and Blog 

* all images via Sarah


  1. Nice interview, I enjoyed it. I do not use Instagram, but have considered it. One of these days I might get around to it.

  2. thanks Melissa - Instagram is a lot of fun! It reminds me of Flickr in the early days of blogging and visual sharing, very inspiring!

  3. Very nice read! Thank you. The tip she gave at the end is useful, unfortunately there are a lot of things in my home that I love (I collect antiques), so I don't think I will ever be as organised as Sarah ;)

  4. Idk anyone that doesn't like instagram.. bc it's freaking awesome! It's always a good thing I've found, to be around creative people and things to inspire you. Great and interesting interview and the pix are very nice. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I'm burning Glasshouse Rio de Janeiro at the moment: highly recommended! And of course Instagram is fabulous :) I love photography so much and you have some beautiful pictures on here - you make me want to try harder!


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