June 13, 2014

Colourful Home

I can’t remember which magazine I found this home decor feature  (... Oops shows I have a serious magazine problem going on...), but I did notice it was originally featured on the ‘Style me Pretty’ blog so I had to take a closer look online.
What a gorgeous home!
Located in sunny California and owned by Interior decorator and blogger Amber.
I actually thought it was an Australian home at first glance -  it has that indoor outdoor casual relaxed feel about it with lots of light and space.
I guess the climate on the West Coast is so similar to ours and the open plan layout is very popular.
I get really excited when I spot decor that is totally my style - I love everything about this home – the use of colour, pattern against the all white walls - its eclectic mix of home furniture, and personal style with unique home decorations.
A strong use of happy colours all around.

whats happening on the home front for us?
Well we are still keen to build. Buying another house is out of the question now and so we've stopped looking at Real Estate and instead are gathering ideas about a build.

The first tender came back way over budget so we sat and thought about what we could change, what we could live without...some things we wont budge on like high ceilings and floorboards throughout the house (yes even in the kitchen although they've tried hard to talk me out of that one...)
 ...anyway these things take time and decisions need to be made,  its actually been a learning curve for me and I can be a little impatient...all in good time so in the meantime I've created a 'Future Home' Pinterest inspiration board

*all images by Bryce Covey


  1. I remember this home too, love the colours.. So you're going to knock your current home down and build? This is so exciting Anastasia! Mel xx

  2. I agree, time needs to be spent thinking these big decisions through. How exciting that you get to design a new house from scratch designed exactly how you'd like it. Great idea to do a pinterest mood board to keep all your ideas in one place. x


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