June 8, 2014

preparing for the Etsy Craft Party

the lead up to the Sydney Etsy Team's  Etsy Craft party was a little amusing...I would not cut it as an Events manager or a Wedding Planner that's for sure!
I always always think I have more time and so I write lists, feel organised then I sit and think...I ponder, I doubt, I day dream and procrastinate and go back to the drawing board.
My dining room was a mess for days, I am a messy crafter, but that's okay...I can live with that.
I also know I work well  under (last minute) pressure!
Big thanks to Katy our Team Captain who did a lot of the running around a couple of months before but sadly for us had plans for an overseas trip and missed the event.
Claire  our stand in Captain was awesome taking charge...Bea, Saunthra and I happy to help out and do what needed to be done.
The theme was 'Recapture' so we offered 4 projects on the night.
Collage photo cards, a Photo Tile, a photo Glass candle holder and Collage Tags.
I'll post some of the photos soon!


  1. So funny I think we had our local Etsy party on the same week!Ours was the Thessaloniki branch on Thursday June 5th. AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Yes I saw your pics Ariadne. It was held on the same day world wide so lots of parties on at the same time!

  3. Good on you Anastasia, I know it's not easy. Can't wait to see you all your pics and hear all about it. We had a ball on Saturday - will pop some pics up too. xx

  4. I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.
    Your Neutral Living Room

  5. Oh wow you organised the event? Can't wait to see the pics...! There's no such thing as a tidy artist you know. Mel xx

  6. Steph - you are the event queen! can't believe so much work goes into each event...
    Laura - thanks so much!
    Mel - Yes, I was part of the leader group but it was a joint effort...fun!


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