August 22, 2014

Etsy Stories: My Sweet Prints

I first met Janette from 'My Sweet Prints' a few years ago at a Sydney blogger catch-up.  I've always followed her blog and work online - lately we've been Instagram buddies too!
When I gave my son Neo a little bedroom makeover which you can see here  and here,  I bought one of Janette's customised 'A World to Discover' print - we love it!
Janette's amazing art prints adorn many walls in many homes.
Her work is bold, bright and can be customised -  a perfect inexpensive way to update any room or workspace!

Hi Janette!
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself 
I'm an early 30's Mum of two boys from Sydney. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade and I worked in Magazine Advertising before having babies.
My passions and interests are interiors, homes, architecture, design, craft and art, kind of anything creative.

When did you discover Etsy? 
I discovered Etsy back in 2009 it wasn't as gigantic as it is these days but it was such a unique website - being able to have your own little shop with already established traffic was just amazing to me.

What inspired you to start selling on Etsy ?
I was on maternity leave with my first son and I knew I didn't want to go back into the magazine world with deadlines, travelling into the city each day etc.
So I thought I would do my own thing, logos, business cards, any sort of freelance Graphic Design - but I don't actually enjoy that sort of design work!
I'd made a few prints for friends and everyone said I should sell them, so when I discovered Etsy I thought I might as well give it a go. My son was six months old and so I gave myself six months to try and get 'My Sweet Prints' earning a certain target amount per week - to see if it would actually be a viable work option. And it happened! I was lucky to have been picked up by quite a few journalists and stylists and the exposure just built it up to a thriving little business!

Can you describe your creative process?
It varies but it might just be a thought, an idea or a saying which I could picture turning into a print. But basically I just think about what I would want on my boy's walls or on our walls at home. Anything that is sweet, sentimental, feel-good, makes you smile, is kind of the
'My Sweet Prints' ethos.
I have a folder on my computer with lots of designs that have never made the cut over the years.

When you initially launched your Etsy shop, did you ever think that you'd be able to make a living selling your beautiful prints?
I hoped and dreamed and I worked really hard to make it work but no, when I initially hit the 'Create an Account' button on Etsy it was just a 'Let's just see how this goes' type of thing. I had not business plan, hadn't even really worked out packaging, labeling or accounting.

Why does the Etsy marketplace work for you?
It gives me flexibility, if we decide to go away on a short weekend away I can just put the shop on Holiday Mode. It also gets so much traffic from all around the world that you don't have to be constantly driving traffic to your shop, the traffic comes to you!
I get most of my overseas orders through etsy.

How has the freedom of having your own Etsy Shop impacted your lifestyle?
It has totally impacted it!
I can be around for my boys, if one of them is sick I don't have to call up a boss and apologize... I can just work around appointments and outings etc.
On the flipside when it's really busy it means I'm working most nights, and it can be hard to switch off but the positives totally out weigh the negatives.

Thanks so much Janette - it was great chatting about Etsy with you!

If you are a creative or know someone who would be a great Etsy Seller than its so easy to open an Etsy shop - Etsy are offering 20 free listings for any new shop!  Head on over to the
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  1. Great story Anastasia…Ive had My Sweet Prints in my favourites list on Etsy and couldnt decide which print. So nice to put a face to a business….I think I have now decided which print, and off now to purchase!! xx

  2. Thanks, Anastasia. We've just designed our own cushion range and need a platform to sell it on. Good to hear some feedback in regards to an Etsy store. Love your son's room! I have a dresser just like that, so a lick of paint will be a great idea.

  3. I'm a huge of Janette's work. I'm glad you featured her. The prints she make are unique, and a lot of them stand out. The simplicity of her prints are ones you'd want to see hanging on the walls of your modern home. She is certainly a creative gem. I hope her business blooms well. Thanks for sharing the interview with us, Anastasia! All the best to you! :)

    Stephen Young @ Pixellence


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