August 15, 2014

my Etsy picks of the Week

Happy Friday!
I'm home today.  There is no place I'd rather be, the sun is shining outside, I have all the windows open and the cool breeze is just wonderful.  Lots of laundry has been done, and I'm planning to bake a cake real soon...its one of those days where I can potter about and not feel rushed.
Here are my Etsy picks of the week - Stellar quality...
I'm really loving these beautiful intense, vivid blue finds...
Grouped together, blue has a deep mystical feel...Celestial wonder...

Top image
Nicole Bentley for
Marie Claire Australia
* Blue Agate Coasters by VagabondQueen *
Aqua Aura quartz Crystals by iLoveLotus  * Save the date double sided Card by HooplaLove * Golden Blue paper bowl  by Djaliforyou *
Goldstone sterling silver ring by noblegnome *
Planet necklace by


  1. This is such a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for including my coasters, Anastasia! xo

  2. you are very welcome Danielle! they are stunning!

  3. Really digging the blues! They really do have a celestial quality to them. I especially like the Save the Dates and the coasters. :)

  4. That is amazing! the colours are beautiful indeed. It makes me consider them for my our new apartment!

  5. OMG those blue agate coasters need to come to my house. What an amazing color!


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