September 1, 2014

Sydney Etsy meet up....

Last week I went along to the Sydney 'Etsy' meet-up hosted by Aussie Etsy Admins, Courtney and Jennie  - it was a school night, I was buggered after work and my new long train commute
but I managed to get my mum to look after the boys until Andrew got home -  I'm so glad I did go as I got to meet some new Etsians and had a really enjoyable evening!
The catch up was held at the 'The Wild Rover' in Surry Hills, daggy me walked straight past it...well I wasn't expecting a private door of what was an old shirt-making factory ( from when the Rag Trade was booming in Surry Hills).
I wish I had taken more photos but the bar was moody and dark (not sleazy and dark...phew!) but here are some lovely products from some creative and passionate Sydney Etsians that hung out the other night!
(L-R) * Black Arrow candles *  Chase Fate AntiPastel *  Zest&Lime *  Me and Tex * MissWrightDesigns *


  1. You're good. I ca't fathom social outings mid-week and when facing the two hours home. I used to push myself, but no more.

  2. Thanks for the feature :) I don't mind mid-week events so long as they are between work and home.

  3. Mid-week is nearly impossible for me, but now that I'm doing a course in the CBD two nights a week I _might_ be talked into post-class shenanigan's in the future... Just sayin' :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my bear with all these lovely Etsy creations, Anastasia!

  5. It was so lovely to meet you at the ETSY meet up Anastasia, it was a great event!...and don't worry, I walked straight past the bar too! heheh
    Also, thank you so much for featuring my stone & silk necklaces! I feel very honoured! x


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