October 7, 2014

Pulling colours....

On Saturday we headed to Newtown for a quiet Vietnamese dinner...I love walking along King St with its interesting store fronts and window displays.  The Gorman shop had their Summer 2014 catalogue on their front door so I'm glad I took a copy because I spent some relaxing time yesterday pulling colours from their bright clothing range!
I asked my Neo to help me sharpen my pencils and I got 'whats in it for me mum?'  little bugger...I told him a hug and 'favourite son' of the day...he smiled.
I keep saying I want to experiment with colour, crafting ...even drawing...its just finding that time or setting aside the time because there will always be something else that needs to be done right?
so yes, I think I need to slot some time each week just for creative play and see what comes of it...

Pulling colours from the prints and patterns of the Fashion images created a few nice colour combinations - perfect for future crafting adventures!
To see Gorman's latest looks head on over to their 'Summer 2014' page - gorgeous!
They even have a cool competition happening right now so take a look!


  1. Funny about what your son said! :) Love the colors you pulled!

  2. Love the colors. Have fun spending that time with your son :)

  3. These are such fun, happy colors!

  4. Love the colors! You're son was so cute! What's in it for me, LOL :)

  5. Love the colors! So bright and cheerful :)

  6. What beautiful colours on display, they are so cheerful :D

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Those colors look so good together! Your son is too cute!


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