December 9, 2014

Summer Trend: Watermelons

Tutti Fruitti!
With the recent trend in Palms and Pineapples and all things Tropical, we're now moving onto it!

Its perfect for Summer, and not only does it taste delicious (...a slice of chilled Watermelon, how yum is that?) its fresh and light hearted in design too.
I always wonder how trends come about, once the trendy item is everywhere, the trend setters have probably moved on to the next thing already...I don't always follow trends but its lovely to see a new take on always surprises me with many clever people out there!

Summer printable Invites by Coco & Mingo
( cocorrina) * Watermelon printable ice-cream cones * DIY Watermelon Pinata  by OhHappyDay blog (her Watermelon favors are FAB too) *
Baba Shopper by Babasouk * Watermelon watercolour by BillandScarlett


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  1. Have just started seeing the watermelon trend emerge? Have you seen Kylie from Pink Paddock's watermelon cards, they're gorgeous. Love all the watermelon things you have here, so much fun.


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