March 14, 2015

Life in colour!

So yesterday I coloured my hair a deep was meant to be a purple shade actually, but anyway it turned out very vibrant.
Last time I went a little crazy with hair colour was about 20 years ago when I thought I might look good as a red head.
Well that didn't work out well haha and so its been many shades of brown ever since...
Playing with hair colour is something I don't do often, and so I'm finding it all very amusing (and a little uncomfortable)
but back to the vibrant pink hair ( you can see me here) it was for a very special occasion,
'The Worlds Greatest shave'  , which is an annual fund raiser for Leukemia -  the event is so popular now that they changed the rules to allow hair colour and cut as well.
When it comes to colours in general, I'm a safe bet - I stay on track.
a few honey highlights are my Summery hair change...when it comes to clothes, I  stick with Black, White and neutrals like Gray...I consider 'Navy' to be my favourite colour.
That sounds kind of drab
doesn't it?
When ever I do wear something colourful I get a whole heap of compliments which of course, feels wonderful.
Like a warm hug.
You would think this would prompt me to wear colour more often. ha!…I must admit I'm not really drawn to colourful clothes when out shopping.
I do love colour so much - I always wonder why is it that I don't experiment with colour, print and pattern as much?
I'm not one to make sure I stand out (especially with the wrong choice... how safe I am?)
but I admire others that do make that bold statement.
How can you not admire that? Colour is wonderful!
I think the only way to wear or embrace colour is...just do it!
Dont hold back.

* all images via
My styleboard on Pinterest


  1. This post is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!
    Incredibly interesting! Great job!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thanks Diana! love putting the fashion posts together!

  2. Oh I love your fashion photos. And your pink/purple hair looks divine! I did a touch of that once upon a time ago, yours looks so much better.


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