April 24, 2015

Cook and Craft

The weather has cooled right down -  its been a wet and soggy week and I must say its been so hard to drag myself out of the house and off to work.  I had the day off today and I didn't get much done...it was wonderful to zone out a little...oh I did a back log of laundry so at least that's out of the way until the weekend.
I'm feeling that change in the air.  Slowing down.
We pulled out the blankets already, the nights have been chilly and that extra 5 minutes morning sleep in a warm bed feels so indulgent.
I can definitley predict a lot more 'home time' coming on in the next few weeks!
I love Autumn for that nesting, cozy-up mood.
TV, home cooking, reading, crafting...bring it on I say!  I love those chilly evenings stuck indoors!

A little inspiration today over at
'A Beautiful Mess'
You can always find something fantastic to cook or make or learn.
I sometimes wonder if Elsie and Emma and their lovely team ever run out of ideas?
I've been a reader of their blog for such a long time and they still inspire me!
Every single time!

Cook and Craft - April
Pumpkin pie (in Jars!)
Suede catchall 

* images 
from my Pinterest via 
A Beautiful Mess 


  1. I follow A beautiful Mess too!Their vitality is inspiring!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. sure is!!! I actually met Elsie when she visited Australia for some scrapbooking classes probably in 2007, her book and blog were popular back then and she's grown SO much since!!!

  2. Love A beautiful mess and your blog as well!


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