May 4, 2015

Day 15 on #lowsugarlifestyle

Today is day 15 of the 'Low Sugar Lifestyle'  and so far so good!
Lately there has definitely been a war on sugar in the mainstream media but for me sugar is the main culprit to making me feel bloated, irritable and always hungry.
Not only is sugar hidden in so many of our 'everyday' processed foods - I've just concluded that the only way for my family and I to avoid eating the white stuff is to eat clean,
eat fresh and prepare our meals at home.

The 'Low Sugar Lifestyle' is not a diet ...far from it actually...I'm eating a whole lot more than what I used to but what I am putting into my body is fibre rich, filling and nutritional.
... and coffee is still allowed (yes!!) Its been really handy to have the weekly meal plan choices to follow and most are quick and easy to prepare.
Life is busy...I get it, but preparing food doesn't need to take hours.
We also get a daily email full of great nutritional info.

I'm eating for energy and I've seen a huge change already ...
No more afternoon slump or fog brain!  ... because I'm eating so well, I'm just not craving anything sweet - It feels too easy.
I guess it is.
'you are what you eat'...we all know that right?
 I made this nutty granola last week and it turned out so toasty and delicious, I'm going to make another batch - thats breakfast sorted! Planning ahead is the way to go...that way there is no chance to get crazy hungry!
I still need to work on drinking more water ...that's my challenge this week!

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  1. Well done Anastasia for cutting down on sugar, so good that you're feeling the benefits. I've been using maple syrup or raw honey where I can and always try to cut down on the amount of sugar in recipes. The muesli looks fantastic, look forward to hearing more as you go on with it.


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