April 15, 2006

Blind Contour - View from outside the Window

This was my first attempt at a Blind Contour sketch.

For those that dont know what Blind Contour is ( I didnt) it when you just draw whilst constantly looking at the object/view so no peeping at the paper.

Its hard - it really is, as you just want to look at what you are doing!!!

This is the view from outside my bedroom window - I have a four window panel in my room - its a lovely feature. The other side of the view from my window you can see in the illustration of my car ( a few posts below).

This is the garden with my yellow picket fence looking out onto the street. I coloured it in later on.


  1. You did a great job! Mine...you can't always tell what they are.

  2. Love it..did i say I love contour drawings...they remind me of childrens picture books...great job!

  3. that's amazing! i've tried this technique and it usually looks as if my dog got hold of the pencil halfway. lovely!

  4. Nice job. I think coloring helps. I have a really hard time jumping from one item to the next and keeping them recognizable, you did great!


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