April 14, 2006

Look at what my gorgeous friend Marsha
sent us for Easter!!
She customised those cute lunch boxes for the boys and they are full of chocolate eggs and bunnies - Peter couldnt believe his eyes when he saw so much chocolate !!
She also sent me this gorgeous beaded black wrap - so so pretty!!

I met Marsha close to 5 years ago on the website www.tcoyf.com - we were part of a buddy group called "Happy little Vegimites' and we were all anxiously, despretely and obsessively trying to conceive.
We all ended up getting pregnant (some of us more than once, its been that long!!) so we are now part of a more intimate internet buddy group called 'Gorgeous Mammas'.
I love all the girls, there are 11 of us!
They are all wonderful mums, very inspiring and beautiful human beings!

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  1. Happy Easter Anastasia!
    Don't forget to e-mail me your address for the vintage wallpaper swap-a-roo!
    Have an excellent weekend!


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