May 24, 2006

Crazy about Florence.........

Last Saturday Andrew and I went to the Darling Harbour Home Show exhibition.
There was some interesting things to see and Andrew was engrossed with all the Plasma Televisions (whats up with men and Plasma TVs??) so I sat down to a home decorating seminar run by one of the Interior Design schools in Sydney.

They were saying that one of the trends to make a HUGE comeback is Wallpaper.
I never thought of it before but i guess ever since the late 70's/early 80's it seems like wallpaper made a dissapearing act in Australian homes.
When I was in London in the early 90's I remember being suprised that people still had (stuffy) wallpaper on their walls - it just seemed dated and old and sad.....

But lately Ive been loving these Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs that have been appearing everywhere even on Clutch bags!!
Arent they grand! They are original designs but just seem so new and ever so hip!
I can just image this on as a feature wall


  1. I love wallpaper! I've been including it in my paintings on and off for the last couple of years. We must be ripe here in Australia for a full pattern wallpaper revival. Wish I could have got to the show. Bit far from here unfortunately. I saw something on wallpaper on the telly - I think it was from the same show.

  2. The clutches are stunning. They remind me of the DVF clutches that were featured not too long ago on


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