May 26, 2006

Tag it!!!

I finished my gift tags for Dacia's Tag swap - thanks for organising and hosting Dacia!

It didnt take too long for me to make them - I guess time flies when you are having fun!
Its been a while since I played with glue and paper.

I made a mixture of things - some I added floral line drawings, some I collaged out of magazine clippings layered on paper and some I hand stitched.
I added the tag string and posted out this morning!


  1. I'm catching up here. You post too quickly for me. Love the tags, am a fellow Florence Broadhurst fan and your boys are beautiful. AND, those muffins !!! Easy and delicious. It's going straight to my recipe book.

  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Thanks for your comment! Wow - those tags are just the greatest. Lovely!

  3. those are so pretty, what a clever idea! i'll have to file that away for next xmas =)

  4. Tag swap is a great idea! Thanks for checking out my blog too!

  5. I love these gift tags!!! Make some for me! :-) But I probably wouldn't give them away... I really like the stitched flowery ones and the collages create such interesting mixtures of ideas. Great job, Anastasia!

  6. I recieved my swapped tags in the mail today, and one of the lovely tags in the package was your tag with the purple flowered oval. I love it!

    Thank you!!


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