June 1, 2006

Faraway Places.........

I love receiving postcards and I got these 3 in the mail recently.
Ever since i was a little girl Ive been fascinated by other countires and different cultures.

By the age of 12 I had 4 penpals - Sally in England, Valerie in France, Michelle in singapore and Gail in Scotland.
I used to love getting mail - I had quite a few pretty letter sets and we would swap clippings of boy bands ( I was obsessed with Culture Club) and cute stickers and stationery - I guess Ive always been crazy about paper goods.

When i was 20 my parents got me a plane ticket for Europe as a birthday gift and the travel bug set in - I get itchy feet and total excitement planning a new trip. Our last overseas trip was back in 2001 when Andrew and I decided to head to Europe for 2mnths of exploring, food tasting and general good relaxation before we started a family. Now that the boys arrived we do short trips within Australia which is just as wonderful but now we are planning a 6week holiday to Cyprus - we are getting the boys passports soon - how cute!

The top postcard is from my friend Melissa who was in New York to see Sting at the Rainforest benefit concert. She was planning afternoon tea at the sweet shop TEa & Sympathy and we were emailing each other what she should have from the menu - Scotch eggs!! yummy!

The next one is from my good friend Sally ( UK penpal above). I love that Sally and I still write/email. We've even met 3 times!
Sally and her hubby John were in Hong Kong and Japan last month - they even stayed at the same hotel that was in 'Lost In Translation' (love that movie!)

The bottom one is from Spain where my friend Daphne and her boyfriend Neil were staying - they took 6mnths off and are travelling Europe - they'll even catch a game or two at the World Cup this month.

This vintage card arrived yesterday! the pic is blury but its ever so sweet.....
Whilst in New York my gorgeous friend Melissa stopped by Butik, the quaint store owned by the beautiful supermodel Helena Christensen.

I am a huge huge huge Helena fan and for me to get this sweet card all the way from her store is such a wonderful gift - thanks so much Melissa!!!


  1. i too love receiving mail especially now that i live in the usa so far away from sydney, family and friends. enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for having a look at mine. buy the book (collage discovery workshop) its very good i am thinking of buying her second book.

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Anastasia, thanks for your comments on my blog! How exciting to be doing a fashion drawing with markers class, now that sounds like fun - can't wait to see the results! I was a pen-pal kid too!, and now my daughter who is 11, is hooked. Today penpals write by email, funny how things change... I like the old-fashioned way better!


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