May 19, 2006

Frame that Cat.....

I love this cover of the New Yorker magazine. It's dated May 6, 1972 and illustrated by the amazing Ronald Searle.

This cover was part of a group of 19 covers that Ronald had illustrated for the magazine and the orginal magazine covers were listed on Ebay starting at $5.00
so I bid but..... lost but it didnt stop there.
I contacted the winner and asked if he'd sell me this one cover as it was the one I really really wanted and to my suprise he said he'd send it to me for free!!!
So thank you Mr H, of New York City, its awesome, makes me smile and I cant wait to have it framed and up on the wall!

he sent me a little note with it saying 'I hope you love it and keep it forever'
I sure will!


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Wow was he nice! My husband used to work for The New Yorker. We've got lots of paraphenalia lying around, but I've never seen that one. It's great!

  2. It must be a while since I visited your blog - you've done lots of fun new stuff and this is a heart-warming story

  3. I think he was super nice especially since the auction ended at $50!!
    nice to know there are sweet people out there.....

  4. What a fabulous cover - lucky you!! Nice man!


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