May 23, 2006

New Kids on the Block.....

Im loving Loobylu's new blog
What a great idea! there are so many clever,inspiring ideas and fun things to do - perfect daily read for anyone who is important in the life of a child be it parent, grandparent or babysitter.

Another magazine I noticed on the newstands last week and had to grab a copy was 'Shop Til You Drop 4 Kids'

I was expecting them to show $100 jeans and designer gear for kids (that irks me - who would pay that??!) but they had a good mix of things, lots of great toy and gift ideas plus cute children's room ideas.

Arent these cute!!! I want a set for myself!

these are from the Netherlands by a company called MissNL

they are soft padded vintage style dolls with cute outfits that velcro on

you can buy them at


  1. hmmm....magazines with clothes real people might actually buy? now there's a good idea! lol...hopefully, the mag will still be around by the time I have kids! :)

  2. Will have to watch out for that magazine and how cute are those little dolls? Must go and have a look at them. But now, I'm off to make a batch of your orange muffins. Will let you know the verdict.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog - Yes, my kids are way too fast for me!! I cant wait to see everyones tags - its so much fun!!


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