May 22, 2006

EDM Challenge #67 - Something 'Mother'

This is my sweet Mother , and this is her Mandolin. I thought Id draw this as she's had it most of her life. It currently stands displayed near a cabinet on her living room floor. My mother got this mandolin when she was around 7yrs old and soon after started music lessons with Mr Luis but she said she was never really good at it. My eldest son likes to muck around with it everynow and then.

As a teenager I remember many many times vowing to myself that as a parent I would never be like my mother - that was usually when i couldnt get my way hehee but now as an adult and a parent myself, I am SO like her its amazing (and sometimes frightening!).

Its all good - she is a great mother and an awesome grandmother!


  1. What a lovely commemoration! Pretty mom too and good job on the mandolin!

  2. Your mother's mandolin looks so much like an antique one my husband has. Great drawing! and your mom is beautiful!

  3. Anonymous2:20 AM

    beautiful, my husband is dreaming of a mandolin, we actually went to look at some yesterday, but they were not quite what he had in mind, so we'll wait until he has the strength to go to SF and look. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! best to you and yours...


Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!! i really appreciate it!

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