July 1, 2006

100th Post - Lets Celebrate!!!!

Just a little excited this morning but hey its my 100th post, how can I not be??!!!
To help celebrate Im giving away 3 little celebration packs and i'll also pop in a perfumed wardrobe pillow which I love to make.

Just let me know your favourite celebration song and I'll be drawing out the names Sunday night!

OK I'll start.....its an oldie but a goodie

Prince's '1999' .....Im going to party like its 1999....

have a fAB weekend everyone!!


  1. Contratulations - 100 posts! And all so interesting! Keep up the good blogging.
    Celebration song?.... um, let me think... what about "We are the Champions" by Queen? You can substitute "I" for "We" while you hum it if you like.

  2. Wow, 100 posts! As someone who has just started blogging and only has about a dozen posts, 100 sounds like quite a lot LOL! Congrats!

    As for a celebration song, the one that says celebrate for me is the all-time favorite "Ceeeelebrate good times, come on!"

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow, it has gone fast!! Your sketches are getting so so good!! And isn't this fun!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 1000 will come quickly!!

    CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON -- is all I can think of too for a celebration song ... it's a good one!

  4. Congratulation on your 100 posts!!
    Love coming back and checking on your
    fab posts....
    Celebration song??....I think
    Queen's "We will rock you" is fitting.

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    I'm so unoriginal - my three favourite celebration songs are the three already mentioned!!!!

  6. Hi Anastasia! Congrats on your 100th post! That is a major accomplishment! I saw your comment about shipping to Australia. I do ship internationally. I just need to know what piece you are intersted in so that I can calculate the cost! I was trying to find an email address for you, but cannot find one. Email me directly and let me know!!
    Thank you for all of you sweet comments! I look forward to hearing from you,

  7. Congrats on 100 posts!

    I wonder if websites in the US would ship Prismacolors to you? Two are www.MisterArt.com and www.dickblick.com. They have better prices than in local stores. Hope so! Thanks for your visit, hope all your boys are well!

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post! Isn't this blogging world so amazing...I need to thank you so much for the great mag, it arrived yesterday and boy did I enjoy it! Thanks for your kindness, I look forward to repaying it back soon :)

    Song? hmmm...The ones I thought of have been taken, but I love the old ABBA soundtracks and Saturday Night Fever soundtrack...can't pick just one right now.

  9. Happy 100th post! And those little wardrobe sachets are just divine.

  10. Congratulations! That's an accomplishment! I explored a bit of your site and loved your rain illustration--especially the woman pouring the water out of her boot--that says it all!

  11. Congratulations!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! The oldies are the best!!!

  12. Congratulations!!! I totally missed my 100th post. Didn't even notice till I was on #120. Very cool of you to send out gifts!

  13. Oh, dear. I was away in the snow when this momentous occasion came around so I missed out on congratulating you on your achievement. Well done!

  14. ah man i missed it. happy 100th :)

  15. Anonymous12:13 PM

    i am oh so very late! but CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! HOW TIME FLIES, EH?! what a wonderful lil package!!!

  16. Awwwww! I was home, offline, and missed out on your excellent gifts! In any case, congrats!!!! I have a long way to go to get to 100! Here's to 100 more!

    The first celebratory song that came to mind for me is "Holiday" by Madonna. I still love it!

  17. missed it while away...congrats! Cheers to 100 more!


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