June 30, 2006

Parcel in the Mail.......

I just received my magazine swap parcel all the way from England!!!

Thanks Monica!
I love both magazines and thank you so much for the extra goodies - you are too sweet!

Rain Rain go away.......

Its very gray and wet outside today as you can see from my pic but I find weather like this so comforting as well especially when indoors with the heater on and 'Oprah' blaring on TV....I love days like this.

Ive even popped some vegetables to roast in the oven in preparation for my spicy roasted Vege soup!!
Who else loves soup?? Yum!!!
Its the easiest thing to prepare and is just perfect for chilly days like today!


  1. Ooooohh! I love roast vegetable soup! and isn't it the best winter for soup for ages? (Although I must say much more mild here in Coffs than in Sydney... but then... you aclimatise... and I think I have...)

  2. love soup , especially chicken and pumpkin, my sister also makes a great potato and leek! Also love days like this, quiet time to read a book, look out the window and be glad you've gota lovely cosy home to enjoy it in !!!

  3. Our Saturday night Winter special is potato & leek and a loaf of homemade bread. We all love it and I even hide zucchini in the potato & leek to get more greens into the girls.

  4. Oh Living Etc is my favourite when anyone goes to the UK!! How is the Crafts one?


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