June 30, 2006

Cut + Paste......

This is my first collage piece. Its kind of a thrill to cut and glue pictures on paper - brings back many memories of noisy craft classes in primary school.
This picture doesnt have any meaning, I just liked the colour combination and the cut out of granny reminds me of my own sweet grandmamma who lives so far away and whom I think of daily (mine is a lot happier and jolly though and doesnt set her hair or wear gloves unless she is gardening)

Ulla's post
inspired me and this collage was created by flicking through an old Italia Vogue issue and tearing out what caught my eye.
Id love to do one of Ulla's classes - if only I lived nearby, she is very talented!

Some other great collage artists I admire

Michelle Caplan
Jen B
Claudine Hellmuth
Tiffini Elektra X
Pam Garrison

Ive booked in to do 3 classes in next months Paperific Expo which Stacey organises each year - Im looking forward to it as I missed it last year.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Funky Finds! Etsy is full of amazing artists' & crafters' work. I just wish I had the budget to buy everything I want!!! :)

  2. I really love collage and it is something I hope to have a go at one day soon.

  3. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Wonderful! Isn't it fun to play with magazines??? You did great, now keep at it...

  4. Oh Wow!! This is wonderful! I love what you came up with the colors - her stride - the background. You should definitely do more - you are a natural!!

  5. Oops. . .
    P.S. I am honored you would mention me in your post! Thank you - you absolutely made my day!! [ =

  6. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Love it - and congrulations on your 100th post (I saw your message on EveryDay Matters). You might check out the Creative Mom Podcast sometime... Episode 3 had a lot of coverage of collage. Eps 4 and 5 are more self-portrait focused. But check it out. It's full of creative talk, mom talk, and just stuff to hopefully keep us inspired.

  7. Thank you for the compliment of my work. I am honored. I love your new collage, you did a great job on it :)

  8. This is great, Anastasia! I, too, love the colors! Collages are so fun! I haven't made one for years and years, but maybe I'll give it a shot sometime soon. It's always fun to get out the scissors and glue!

  9. I think my mom has seen Lola in Las Vegas! :-) Wonderful, Anastasia!! I love the colors and the fishnets!


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