June 29, 2006

As I was sitting at my work desk number crunching all day I was thinking about my blog and how Im approaching my 100th post

Jen had a question on her blog the other day, ‘if no one commented, would you still blog?’

Receiving comments is so motivating and encouraging and I must admit pretty thrilling!! But for me, blogging has pushed me to draw and create and to observe my wonderful surroundings and view things in a different way so yes, definetley!! I would!

The first blog I ever visited was Amy’s as I loved her little online shop from years back when she used to post on the 'Victoria magazine' forum.

I also remember visiting a great inspiring website last year ‘Another Girl at Play’ which featured
Alicia Paulson , her sister Julianna Smith and Claire from Loobylu
Such inspiring women who create - that got me going!!

From a post on Alicia's blog I somehow discovered 'Illustration Friday' and that changed everything for me!
so I encouraged my friend Melissa , who draws the cutest cats ever! to join up with me
'We can do this Melissa - one drawing a week - easy AND fun'

so this is how my blog came to be and its been an amazing blogging journey so far - really really great and I thank you ALL for your encouraging comments!!!

The image is from Milly Molly Mandy book - one of my childhood favourites! aint she cute??


  1. That's such a sweet illustration...I love the simplicity of it, these type of drawings remind me of my early childhood.
    Congratulations on reaching your soon to be 100th post...well done. I feel the same about blogging. It is through the amazing blogging community that I have been encouraged and inspired to explore my crafting side and I can't believe how far I've come. It is a part of my life now, and I for one am richer for the opportunity.

    p.s. I am so in love with 'Apples for Jam'...it's scrumptious in every way...how cool that you emailed Tessa and she responded!

  2. Lovely post! I cant even remember how I found this 'community' but writing my blog and the WONDERFUL feedback from WONDERFUL people (like you!) has really got me back into the art/craft world and me back to creating which is soooooooooo important to me..congrats!! xxx

  3. Ahh, blogging. What did I do before? I think I cleaned my house. I love the comments too. Just because I know there is someone out there reading what I am writing, which, really, just blows me away. Big Milly Molly Mandy fan too, so lovely picture.

  4. Happy almost 100! You have the cutest little sketches on here.

    I totally agree on the comments-it sure keeps me motivated also!

  5. i love this illo. and so glad you share yours with us and that you've been motivated by the blog-world {as I am!} the connections are amazing and so insiring, yes? happy almost 100...woot woot ~ amy

  6. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Hi Anastasia
    Ellia told me about your blog and flickr and I want you to know that your art is so pretty.Thank you for sharing.


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