June 28, 2006

The Sartorialist is in Milano, Italy....

Some people love having their morning coffee whilst reading the online newspapers, I check out The Sartorialist

Its my daily morning hit!
Love his street fashion shots on NYC and now he is in Milano - check them out
What wonderful colour and style, everyone is so tres chic!


  1. me too! one of my faves!

    :) D

  2. Anastasia, thanks for the comment..the colour pencils I use are a mix of Caran D'ache and Rexel Cumberland - Derwent studio.
    Its so great to get back into sketching - dont know why i stopped!!

  3. I visited him this morning too! Great shots, and makes you want to get fit , tanned and go on an Italian Holiday!!! Thanks for visiting me too, it's nice to have visitors to your blog!!!And another aussie to talk to, that's great!!! I'm trying to collect other aussies on my links list!


Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!! i really appreciate it!

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