June 2, 2006

Blind Contour Friday - Favourites

Blind Contour sketches are so hard - I just want to peep at my paper.....

This is my favourite morning beverage - Twinings English Breakfast tea with honey and a splash of milk
It has to be drunk in my favourite mug otherwise it just doenst taste the same hehee

I also drew my favourite jewellery that I wear everyday and feel naked without....
my wedding band and engagement ring, my watch, a purple pearl ring and two solid silver bangles

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  1. These are charming, AS!~!!!! I can't do blind contours without giving up -- but yours have such a beautiful life to them .... LOVELY!

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    this is so sweet. i love that mug, and a nice cup of tea sounds so good right now. honey AND milk? the english would yell at you because earl grey is supposed be drunk with lemon i believe, but i like mine with milk too =). beautiful stuff.

  3. These are great. My blind contours go all over the page and look like nothing. Your hand does move well with your mind.

  4. mmmm... tea. my mouth is watering. for all their difficulty, you've done a great job with a large group of subjects.

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    English Breakfast is the best (although I do like Earl Grey also) - and you did these justice!

  6. Anonymous8:39 PM

    These are great. I did blind contour nudes ones in class and they ended up monsters! :-)

    Thanks for visiting my bloh!

  7. Anonymous2:46 AM

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  8. Anonymous10:54 PM

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